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24 November 2011 @ 03:23 am
So, I finally finished a project I've been meaning to do for years now... a video of myself casting all the blue magic in the game, on the mobs they come from. :3 I *think* I got everything working now on Youtube... I immediately had to dispute a copyright claim since I used Ghost Love Score in one of them. -.- Anyway, here they all are, if anyone still looks at this. XD

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07 November 2011 @ 03:21 pm
The lyrics to this amuse me greatly.

Announcer (Liontamer):

Ladies and gentlemen, due to an issue with their private airship, Team Gato is unfortunately unable to perform here tonight at the Blue Planet. Instead (we are not refunding your gil), we hope you enjoy...the music stylings of...The Scuba Divers!


No introduction needed, heh, y'all know me
Even G's in their 30's can't seem to outgrow me.
Rockin' mimmit greens and chill, sippin' on potion
Bustin' phat gold rhymes, take you across the ocean.

Every title that I'm in gets a new kind of class
You think these games went platinum 'cuz of Tidus and his whiny ass? (Tidus: I hate you, dad!)
Everyone be beggin' for me up in their mix
I got more guest spots than even Ludacris.

OG to the core, you'll never see me stressin'
Album sales through the roof; record gains, the direction.
Sucka MCs buried at my discretion
And the shawties hangin' 'round, I just make my selection.

From Babil to Fabul, I keep the rhymes comin'
But when Baron regulates, suckas all go runnin'
But you know I'm standin' tall, no matter what they got equipped
'Cuz I'm rollin' posse deep, even though I'm on a solo tip

Chocobo, Chocobo, you're so fine
You've got more bling than all of those guys
Yo, Chocobo's so hood
This song is very good

Chocobo, Chocobo, you're so fine
You've got more bling than all of those guys
Yo, Chocobo's so hood
This song is very good

Yo, this bridge goes out to the one and only djpretzel
And I gotta give props to the sexy women
Yo, Shiva, break it down, and tell 'em how you livin'


OK, boys, let's turn the temperature down.
I'm the queen of the North, the coldest woman around.
Fools are frozen solid, leavin' no trace,
Don't even think for a second I'm only ribbons and lace

You think you can fight me, you don't stand a chance
Gonna bury you, sucka, I'll drop an avalanche
As slippery as ice, and as brilliant as snow
My rhymes are so slick, there's just no stoppin' the flow

My body refined in a sub-zero climate
But my beauty isn't something you can imitate
You think you can own, but I'm the dominate
I'm so hot, you won't melt, you're gonna sublimate

All the heroes be showin' nothing but lust
'Cuz my bling be glitterin' like diamond dust
And all the other ladies just can't seem to suffice
'Cuz there's just no comparin' to this mistress of ice.



(Awww, yea!)
In the cold, dark shadows, yea, that's where I live,
And if your party runs up on me, they'll be tastin' my shiv,
So if we ever cross paths, best be usin' your brain,
'Cuz this is TONBERRY, fool, and I'm the real T-Pain.
(me me me me)


You'd better not blink since I move so fast
Don't ever be dissin' me, I'll bust a thousand caps;
My needles are tiny, but they're my only attack
So thugged out with street cred, my power's at max


02 August 2011 @ 01:13 am
Someone: So, what did you level BST on at 65?

Me: Glavoids. *puts on sunglasses*

Someone: ...Okay, what did you level on at 66 then?

Me: Lacovies. *rides off on a motorcycle*

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14 July 2011 @ 03:58 pm
I guess all the writing Nefe's been doing lately actually got me to work on my own. So I finally got around to writing a little Kyrie/Lilisette blurb that I've been meaning to do for a long time now. It's from part of the cutscene for the mission 'Fate in Haze'. Next (if I get around to it), I'll prolly do either the one where Kyrie sprouts angel wings, or something involving the final battle and the aftermath. I'm not too happy with how I ended this one (seems too sudden), but oh well. And for easier mental images, here's a picture or two~

Spoilers for WotG mission 26 :PCollapse )

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12 May 2011 @ 11:08 pm
Because Nefe-chan said I should post my creations...

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18 April 2011 @ 10:36 pm
I just saw the first episode of Game of Thrones, the HBO series based on A Song of Ice and Fire. It was FUCKING AWESOME! :D Arya is so cute! So are the direwolf puppies! The douchebag from the prologue totally looked like a douchebag! So did Joffery, for that matter! XD And to a lesser extent, Jaime. And OMG DANY IS SO FUCKING HOT~~~~ (and we got to see her nekkid <3) The guy who's playing Tyrion is doing a good job so far, too.

Overall, they've portrayed the Dothraki really well, I think. Though Drogo doesn't look as cool as I always pictured him. It's really cool though how they basically made a language for them for the show.

Overall, the only (minor) gripe I have is that the scene at Dany and Drogo's wedding, when he's comforting her before they consummate the marriage, didn't go so well as in the book. They basically had her go into it still scared out of her mind and crying helplessly, when in the book, he managed to calm her down and actually make her want it... but I suppose it's true enough that they didn't exactly have time for all the foreplay, seeing as in the book he actually spent like an hour or so calming her down.

I also like a line that they gave Jaime that wasn't in the book. He was talking to Cersei about Robert, and said something like "All he cares about is fucking boars and hunting whores. Or was it the other way around?" XD

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31 March 2011 @ 09:41 pm

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22 March 2011 @ 08:21 pm
This LJ has successfully been invaded by Ika Musume, de geso!

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Oh, the things my girlfriend makes me think of...

In less amusing news, I got a job. Training starts on Tuesday. D:

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23 February 2011 @ 06:49 pm

In related news, I have a job interview tomorrow. x.x

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